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Success in Reading and Writing
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Welcome to Letterlinks

  • Committed to children's successful learning
  • Supplying the tools for literacy
  • Building confidence and independence for children
  • Low cost and easy to use

The path to literacy begins at home and is then developed at preschool and school. Letterlinks is for children in all three of these environments, providing a fun and easy to learn way to learn reading, writing and spelling. Letterlinks makes it simple for children to handle the complexities of written English.

Professional foundations

Letterlinks is based on years of professional experience in the classroom and working with children, as well as on research and studies.

Teacher support

The guides in Letterlinks provide practical and easy to use steps for parents and teachers to develop children's skills. Letterlinks fits easily into existing classroom programs at preschool and school. Letterlinks is a very low cost way for teachers to help their children achieve success with reading and writing.

Involved children

Children love learning with Letterlinks and make it their own. They become actively involved in seeking out each new concept and skill.

From one of our teachers ...

Thank you for enthusing me and making me realise it is really simple to implement, and can be integrated throughout the day as well as being taught specifically in group situations.

Ainslie Wilson, Year 1 and 2, Motupipi School.

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