Emma Egg
Success in Reading and Writing
Corey Clown

Achieving Success with Letterlinks

Different ways to learn

Children learn in different ways. Some need more explicit teaching than others. Some need more reinforcement than others. Many children need to access information by doing, as well as by seeing and by listening.

Learning reading and writing requires children to learn a lot of things at the same time. If this is presented to them in a mode that suits children's learning, more children will progress further along the path to success.

Letterlinks is a resource that develops:

Letterlinks provides children with tools to manage the language in their own way. With these tools children enjoy their learning and become fluent readers, writers and spellers.

In the classroom

Letterlinks fits into teachers' existing programmes. Because it is not prescriptive, teachers can pick which parts to use for their particular children. The guides are full of quick models to help teachers implement it quickly and easily. Letterlinks can be used as a whole class tool and also enables accurate diagnostics and explicit teaching when required. It is very useful for special needs and ESOL teaching.

The Letterlinks difference

Find out how Letterlinks works in schools.

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