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Letterlinks for Schools

Letterlinks is a resource, a flexible tool that can be used in any learning environment. You may choose to use all or part of it depending on the needs of your children.

As long as the children have the character name, sound and action secure they can begin to make links to the various spelling patterns.

For starting off we recommend Starting Up Resource Book One, the Frieze, the Cue Cards, the Alphabet Book and the Linker Songs CD. For group or one to one use, substitute the Character Card for the Frieze. If handwriting is your focus, use the Letter Formation Copymasters. If focussing on the vowel sounds and consonant digraphs use the Posters.

Download the Letterlinks School Pricelist and order form.

Resource Book One, Starting Up. Code L01, $40.00.

Each step gives the teacher a metaphor/story to explain all the facts of the letter shape, orientation and sound. Word building starts early, guidance on the best use of all the Letterlinks resources.

Frieze. Code L02, $20.00. Optionally laminated, Code L02L, $35.00.

All the Letterlinks alphabet characters in upper and in lower cases. Full colour, 4.4m long and 297mm high in 5 sections.

Cue Cards Pack One. Code L03, $25.00. Optionally laminated, Code L03L, $45.00.

Full colour on one side, plain on reverse with the story. Make and see the sounds in any regular word. 64 cards.

Linker Songs CD. Code L04, $10.00.

27 songs to nursery rhyme tunes. Helps the children to associate the sound to the Letterlinks character.

Letterlinks Alphabet Book. Code L05, $10.00.

The Letterlinks Alphabet Book covers each of the Letterlinks alphabet characters. Stories and pictures develop the use of letter sound. Without any obvious teaching this book describes each one of the Letterlinks characters. Its fine illustrations provide numerous objects (often well hidden) beginning with the letter character's sound for children to search out. Soft covered, A4, 60 pages.

"The Alphabet Book is a favourite with the children. Each page is like a Where's Wally. They love finding all the things that start with each Linker's sound." Liz Batten, Year 1, Central Takaka School.

Sound and Action Copymasters. Code L06, $10.00.

26 sheets to develop initial sound association to the Letterlinks character. Also practices the character actions.

Handwriting Copymasters. Code L07, $10.00.

26 sheets with hollow letters for handwriting practice. Also has guided writing templates and handwriting mnemonic rhymes.

Blends Copymasters. Code L08, $10.00.

26 sheets with the blend rhymes and characters.

Vowel Poster. Code L09, $4.00. Optionally laminated, Code L09L, $8.00.

An A2 poster featuring short and long vowel characters.

Character Card. Code L11, $3.00. Optionally laminated, Code L11L, $5.00.

Pack of 5 Character Cards, Code L11P, $12.00. Optionally laminated, Code L11PL, $20.00

An A4 card with all the 26 characters plus the long vowels.

Home Booklet. Code L20, $3.00. In lots of 20 or more, Code L20V, $2.50 per booklet.

A take home book for each child. A5, 26 pages.

Sound Help CD. Code L28, $10.00.

A 15 minute CD discussing the sounds of the language.

Resource Book Two, Following On. Code L12, $40.00.

Includes new Linkers representing complex vowel sounds such as 'er', 'ow', 'oy' and 'or'. Covers additional spelling patterns for vowel sounds already met. As well, it covers the use of prefixes and suffixes.

Includes 13 Proof-reading Copymasters.

Cue Cards Pack Two. Code L13, $25.00. Optionally laminated, Code L13L, $45.00.

Full colour on one side, plain on reverse with the story. Plain prefix and suffix cards. 48 Cue Cards plus 27 prefix and suffix cards.

Proof-Reading Sound Link Copymasters. Code L14, $10.00.

To be used by each child alongside proof-reading tasks. 29 sounds with spelling patterns.

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