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Success in Reading and Writing
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There are many people throughout New Zealand who are helping children to gain literacy skills. Here are comments from some school teachers about the success of Letterlinks.

The Resource Book Two, Following On is a wonderful resource for children moving towards independence with reading and writing.
This resource can be used alongside the Ready to Read teacher support material and integrates easily into our reading planning scrapbook - without making extra work for busy teachers.
The structure and support is invaluable for inexperienced teachers, and the more experienced teachers on our team find it very useful too.

Gail Church, Deputy Principal, St John Bosco School.

Resource Book Two is the best resource I have used to teach the rules of the English language.

Maggie Twaddle, Principal, Waiheke School.

We are finding the dictation tasks and the wordbanks related to each sound topic invaluable. We use the wordbanks for the children's spelling words. They incorporate the Essential Word Lists but group them differently.

Monique Cowie, Year 3 and 4, Greenmeadows School.

Letterlinks is very teacher friendly given the full curriculum that teachers have to work with.

Lynn Price, DP, Waiheke School.

I noticed that a child who doesn't speak much in class was doing the Linker actions when we played an alphabet game. This method helps me to know the learning is being effective.

Judy Cullen, Year 3 and 4, Motupipi School.

Thank you for such a motivating programme. I am really enjoying using it. The children, especially the boys, enjoy drawing the Linkers and practising the letter shapes on their personal whiteboards.

Liz Batten, Year 1, Central Takaka School.

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