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What is Letterlinks?

Letterlinks is a multisensory resource providing a memorable and enjoyable way to extend children's oral language and knowledge about the alphabet. Use Letterlinks to familiarise children with letters.

How does it work?

Letterlinks taps into children's imagination by creating the Land of Link which is peopled by characters such as Pippy Pig and Quinn the Quarry Man. These characters link the letter with its sound, and children love their stories, actions and songs. Through role play, story telling and the retelling of the characters' stories, the children will begin to make the connections between the sounds and the letters which represent them. With these characters there are many opportunities to play with and extend oral language.

Diggle Dog lives down on the farm. She loves to dig in the dirt.
All active children like to copy the special action of each character.
Each Linker character has a story in the Alphabet Book and lots of things in the picture to stimulate discussion and finding new words.
'Can you dig in the dirt like Diggle Dog?'
Sing Diggle Dog's song to the tune of London Bridge is falling down.
Can you be Diggle Dog and tell me where you live and what you like to do?
Each character has a song based on nursery rhyme tunes. Children love to sing these songs which help them to recognise the letter and its sound.
Role-playing brings children's imaginations alive.

Stretching the Vocabulary

You might discuss what kind of day it is with the children. They might say "It's a nice day."

You can respond with "Nurse Nan thinks it's a nice day, but Benny Bear thinks it's a beautiful day. What would Diggle Dog think?" "Yes, Diggle Dog thinks it's a delightful day. ... Yes, Pippy Pig thinks it's a pleasant day."

Hi Diggle Dog.

Building Letterlinks into your planning

The resource book Using Letterlinks at Preschool provides a wealth of ideas for structured and unstructured language development and alphabet activities. It encompasses the Te Whariki structure and is designed to help in weekly planning sessions. The book also provides simple prompts for staff to use.

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